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Petite Basics

Petite 101

Petite is a term used to describe those who are 5’4” or under* (hence our brand name, a playful nod to women “sub 64 inches”). Petite doesn’t mean you wear a size 0 and we want to help shatter that misconception. We celebrate diversity and want to be the go-to brand for petite women of all shapes and sizes.

* can be above 5’4” and wear petite clothing; it all depends on your individual proportions.

The Truth

Many people are surprised to learn that the average woman in the US is petite (just under 5’4”), likely stemming from the fact that petite sizing is an afterthought for most brands. We kept scratching our heads: why don’t designers design with the petite woman in mind if we’re the average?

S64 was born from our conviction that women shouldn’t have to feel like clothing isn’t made for them. We know it’s the other way around. Not to mention, we grew tired of the (lack of) petite choices out there. Say goodbye to shrunken-down versions of uninspired collections - we bring you petite options that are flattering, modern and tailored to you.

Our Hope

We’re laying the foundation for the #PowerfullyPetite movement. We want all petite women to feel empowered by clothing that fits, flatters, and inspires confidence. #PowerfullyPetite is all about celebrating what it means to be petite and building community by and for petite women.