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San Francisco, CA 94123

Our Story

S64 empowers and inspires confidence in women through clothing that flatters and is tailored to the petite frame. Created in 2017, S64 is one of the first brands designed exclusively for petite women.

Standing at just over 5’2”, I founded S64 after years of struggling to find clothing that suits my petite physique. Many of my petite friends echoed my struggle, but it wasn’t until I discovered that over half of American women are under 64 inches tall (5’4”) that I realized I needed to create a brand that delivers what petite women need.

As women, we’re made to feel like our bodies are imperfect and when clothes don’t fit properly, it’s as if our bodies aren’t made for the clothes we wear. But we should be viewing this the other way around: most clothing isn’t made for our petite bodies! Brands continue thinking the average woman is tall and thin, but looking around it's clear we come in all sizes. No matter our shape, all of us deserve to feel empowered, confident, and celebrated. That's why we're #PowerfullyPetite.


Erika Gomez, S64 Founder