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As petites we have a number of shared struggles we can all relate to, like these #PetiteMoments…

  1. People like to describe us as “cute”. Yes, we may be smaller than you, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be fierce. Shakespeare even agrees, “Though she be but little, she is fierce.”
  2. People point out our height for no reason...or say things like “I didn’t realize you were THAT short.” Well, I guess we just prove petites can have a BIG presence.
  3. People sometimes feel the need to pick us up or pat our heads. Inappropriate, right? Save that for your pet.
  4. It’s impossible to see anything in concerts. Unless we want to waste our money, we better snag front row.
  5. Swimming can be a bit difficult, even in the 5ft section of the pool. Treading water is only fun for so long.
  6. Walking twice as fast as our taller friends to keep up... or being the fastest walker despite our shorter stride and confusing our friends all the time.
  7. Setting the driver’s seat at the closest setting so that we’re practically on top of the steering wheel. It’s perfect for us, but it’s pretty funny to see someone else try to drive that car after us.
  8. Being carded wherever we go because we apparently look younger. Let’s just see if this still happens when we have grandchildren.
  9. Cuffing all of our pants or getting them tailored because pants that drag on the floor or entirely cover our shoes (and some of the floor) is not the best look.
  10. Trying on shirts that end up looking more like dresses. Doesn’t seem right to buy something that needs almost half of it to be cut off.
  11. Figuring out petite tricks for shopping, especially online. Cropped means it is regular length, midi means maxi, and so forth.
  12. Almost clicking the “ADD TO CART” button while online shopping until you see the section that says “Model is 5’10” and wears an XS.”
  13. Buying our own sewing machine and learn to hem because getting things tailored all the time gets old...and pricey.
  14. Walking into a store and walking what seems like half a mile, to the very back to get to the petite section.
  15. Or even worse...seeing a store with cute clothes only to find they don’t have a petite section.

A lot of the #PetiteMoments we face have to do with how our clothes fit. Part of the #PowerfullyPetite movement is fighting the problems so many of us petites face and getting rid of the idea that we can just wear kids’ clothes or get things altered. Our best bet is to find brands or styles that are petite friendly -- or even better, find petite sections and petite brands that cater to our underserved demographic.

Though some may underestimate us, we are modern, powerful women and simply want our style to reflect that. With #PowerfullyPetite, we hope to spread this idea that all women deserve to feel empowered, regardless of their body type.