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Petite Portrait: Meet Tina Bou-Saba

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Tina Bou-Saba (5’2”) is a triple threat: advisor, investor, and philanthropist. This Harvard Business School alum leverages her deep expertise in research, strategy, leadership, and development to support entrepreneurs, investors, and nonprofits. Her experience working in retail and consumer businesses affords her a unique perspective on critical issues around scale, brand building, and customer experience. Tina believes in the power of diverse teams with curious minds working on hard problems. She’s a hands-on advisor and active early-stage investor who works with consumer companies to create strategies, build brands, and commercialize great ideas. Her passion for building inclusive companies that promote health, happiness, education, and goodness is inspiring!

Tina’s drive for excellence also incorporates compassion and empathy. She’s deeply committed to serving her community as well as education, social justice, and human rights related organizations, and allocates a meaningful portion of her time applying her business know-how in the non-profit sector. Let’s get to know this values-driven businesswoman.

Hometown: Holmdel, NJ

Current location: San Francisco  (After seven years, it’s beginning to feel like home!)

Birth sign: Scorpio

I’m interested in helping build companies that: Are attacking high-potential opportunities in large but under-served markets – or markets that the founders themselves are inventing.  I target companies with healthy gross margins, passionate customer bases, creative and nimble customer acquisition strategies, and a strong sense of purpose.

I hope to inspire the founders I work with by: My enthusiasm, genuine commitment, willingness to roll up my sleeves and get into the real work, and dedication to being a force for goodness in the world.

Philanthropic project I’m excited about this year:  It’s so hard to choose just one! At the Bay Area Discovery Museum, we are undertaking a major site redesign which will bring so much joy and learning to kids and their families.

Three words that describe my personal style: Rock and roll

My weekday uniform: Blazer, graphic tee, jeans or slacks, statement jewelry, fun heels

My fashion tip for fellow petite ladies: Find a great tailor - it’s so worth it.  That said, I am thrilled that S64 will significantly reduce my tailor trips!

Beauty product I’m currently obsessing over:  I just went to the Indie Beauty show in LA and literally had to expand my suitcase to fit my beauty haul.  Where to start? I bought these adorable Little Moon sleep and energy sprays that I’m hoping will help me feel a little more balanced.  I’m also obsessed with Volition AM/PM Eye Gel, which is a combo primer and anti-aging gel - super easy, effective,and clean!

Book on my nightstand: ”Quiet” by Susan Cain.  This book has been powerful for me, particularly by giving me confidence in my leadership style and the way that I process information.

My ideal Sunday is spent:  Thinking.

Favorite travel destination: New York City.  I am a majorly nostalgic person. I spent an amazing decade living in Manhattan, and it feels magical to revisit special spots - first job after college, first date with my husband, favorite apartment, hospital where my eldest was born...I could spend many days on this walking tour!

Where you’ll find me next: LA.  It’s a quick hop from SF, and I’m so excited about the cool consumer companies down there.