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Petite Portrait: Meet Sarah

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Sarah Galvan (@thetinygal) is a San Francisco stylist that knows a thing or two about petite fashion. All the years of styling her sub-5 foot frame have certainly paid off and made her an expert in finding creative and flattering petite looks - her ensembles are definitely a thing to envy. Being one of the ladies behind powerhouse fashion styling company, MGK Style, has also allowed Sarah to hone her skill. She gets to work with celebrities and incredible clients, some of whom are petite like her. Sarah is the Chief Merchant at The MGK Edit, which means she’s responsible for all luxury consignment activity and creative direction. In addition to her work as a stylist, Sarah also manages a vintage online store (@tinygalvintage). Through her store, Sarah curates vintage denim for tiny gals like herself. When she’s not working, Sarah enjoys spending time with her dog and taking spinning classes.

Sarah and I connected about a year ago and had such a great time talking about petite fashion. She even offered to model the Gloria culottes in a small photo shoot (pictures on this blog post are from that shoot!). Let’s get to know Sarah some more!

Hometown: Round Rock, TX

Current location: San Francisco, CA

Birth sign: Capricorn

My day-to-day usually looks this: Oh man, every day is so different for me! But, a few consistencies: snoozing my alarm a couple times :) some days I’m working from home, others I’m kissing my boyfriend and our fur child (Ellie) goodbye, heading to the office or a client’s home. I’m always organizing TONS of product for styling sessions with clients. I love ending my weekdays catching a spin class with girlfriends. Then it’s home to squeeze in a few more hours of work and spend time with my little fam!

I feel most creative when: I listen to music! Even if I’m just cleaning around the house, I try to play music instead of having the TV on in the background. For me, music provokes creativity and motivation.

One of my goals this year: Aside from styling, I REALLY enjoy vintage shopping. So much that I started selling my finds online. One of my goals this year, and going into next, is to acquire enough inventory to host my first pop-up and eventually open my own boutique. Stay tuned. :)

Someone I look up to: These days Instagram is flooded with influencers and inspo - it can get overwhelming. There’s so many valuable women in the world to look up to! So I have to bring it back home and give this one to my mom - the OG impact.

Words that describe my personal style: (retro)vintage

My weekday uniform: Levi’s (I know, I live in them), a Glossier lippie, and my feminist canvas bag which pretty much holds my entire life!

Outfit that makes me feel most confident: Freshly washed hair, vintage Levi’s, and a fun block heel. And a caffeine infused smile. :)

My fashion tip for fellow petite ladies: High waist, high waist, high waist! Elongate those legs, babes! Clothing aside; CONFIDENCE. Be bold, be fearless, be YOU. Any outfit (I don’t care if you’re in sweats) is made with confidence and self-assurance. I remind myself of this daily!

My typical weekend: Sleeping in, brunch (my fave meal), and spending time with friends or taking time to myself. My boyfriend and I try to spend our weekends outside with Ellie - wether it’s hiking, outdoor wineries, or just wandering around the city.

Something on my bucket list: Top 2: Jump out of a plane and visit Chengdu to meet a Giant Panda.

Where you’ll find me next: Today I’m on my way to host clients at a Proenza Schouler trunk show in the city!

If there’s a petite lady in your life who is doing inspiring work that makes a big difference, email us at so we can feature her! xo