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Petite Portrait: Meet Patricia Santos

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Patricia Santos (5’3”) is the CEO and co-founder of crowd-sourced beauty brand, Volition Beauty. Volition’s approach is collaborative and transparent: new beauty products should be created by real people with real beauty problems. Beauty enthusiasts submit product ideas, Volition’s chemists and labs vet the ideas for feasibility, and ideas with the most potential turn into reality. Volition gives consumers a true voice and empowers them to be innovators.

Prior to starting Volition, this Harvard Business School alum was Head of Business Development & Special Projects at Algenist Skin Care and Director at the Highland Consumer Fund, specializing in consumer goods and services. Patricia also worked at Club Monaco and started her career as an investment banker at Morgan Stanley. Let’s get to know this #PowerfullyPetite businesswoman revolutionizing the beauty industry.

Hometown: Manila, Philippines (Moved to New Jersey when I was 14)

Current location: San Francisco, CA

Birth sign: Sagittarius

The vision behind Volition is: To democratize beauty. We believe that beauty should be inclusive, participatory and bottoms-up. It should, above all else, reflect the needs of the Community rather than be defined by industry executives.

How I stay motivated: It’s not hard when you run your own business! Our business is non-stop so I have no choice but to be!

How I manage to find balance: I don’t. I’m all-in.

My advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs: Know your numbers - your market size and growth, your monthly burn, your balance sheet, your inventory spend, your ROI on every dollar spent, your CAC, ROAS, AOV… Know it all and be prepared. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a while before the system changes and more women come into lead investing roles. Until then, pitch your business through the lens that most (male) investors will understand.

My day-to-day involves: It’s different every single day! But it always starts with breakfast with my two boys then driving my new Kindergartner to school at 7:30am. Those 15 minutes of alone-time in the car with him are awesome.

Three words that describe my personal style: Casual whenever possible.

My weekday uniform: Yogawear!

Outfit that makes me feel most confident: Simple dress + statement necklace + long sweater or wrap or kimono (for those chilly SF mornings + booties, because there’s no way I pull off heels every day anymore)

Beauty product I’m currently obsessing over: Volition’s Turmeric Brightening Polish - one of the most elegant formulas we’ve ever made. You can feel your skin instantly smoother, softer and brighter. So proud of this one.

Nighttime beauty routine: I am constantly testing our newest products and prototypes. So I actually change up my routine very often. Right now, we are prototyping a Snow Mushroom-powered serum and a Baobab Tree Toner. Both of which I’m obsessed with. But my go-to moisturizer is the Dual Cream Base from our Ultimate Anti-Aging Trio.

Favorite travel destination: Palawan, Philippines

Where you’ll find me next: I’ll be in Palawan next week!