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Petite Portrait: Meet Nerrissa Senores

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Nerrissa Senores (5’2”) is a Bay Area native and blogger interested in the women’s empowerment movement, giving back, and creating strong communities around causes that are important to her. Nerrissa uses her platform to help create social awareness around issues like mental health, clean beauty, and being a conscious shopper - she loves to share thrifted outfit ideas among other things!

Growing up in San Francisco helped mold Nerrissa into the influencer for social change she is. In addition to posting about street style and self-love, she takes any chance she can get to educate her followers on things like sustainable fashion and clean beauty. Nerrissa lives to get her hands involved in a variety of spaces and has organized various communities. As one of the six founders of Halo Halo Collective (HHC), Nerrissa helps build filipino entrepreneurs up -whether brands or creatives, locally and online! Prior to co-founding HHC, she co-founded another networking group called the San Jose Creatives. The group focused on networking events for female bloggers within the greater South Bay Area; the events served as opportunities to build both personal and professional relationships. Outside of her numerous passion projects, Nerrissa freelances and works is tech. Want to stay up to date with Nerrissa? Read her Petite Portrait below and pop over to her insta to see what she’s up to.

Hometown: San Francisco

Current location: Peninsula, Bay Area

Birth sign: Virgo

I co-founded San Jose Creatives because: I wanted to help female bloggers in the Bay Area build both personal and professional relationships through our networking events.

I feel most creative when: I get a good night’s rest or after an inspiring chat with a good friend/creative.

My day-to-day usually looks this: Clock into work, do daily tasks, check blog account/engage with my followers, work until 5pm, go home, plan content, meal prep, repeat.

One of my goals this year: Improve my self-care to the max!

Someone I look up to: My co-founders at Halo Halo Collective and me, honestly.

Three words that describe my personal style: Effortless, statement, vintage.

My weekday uniform: Jeans, statement shoe, basic tee.

Outfit that makes me feel most confident: Something form-fitting on the bottom paired with a loose top that has movement to it.

I’m interested in sustainability because: Re-wearing clothing helps to reduce waste and pollution, while decreasing the demand for newly produced items. In fact, I recently hosted an SF Goodwill Summer of Love Party where I picked out some of my favorite clothing items from the thrift store to help promote sustainable fashion and give customers some great tips.

My favorite clean beauty product at the moment: Cocokind full brow balm, 100% pure fruit pigmented lipsticks

Self-care tip I live by: “Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”

My typical weekend: Hosting an event and also spending time with my boyfriend over a movie or show!

Something on my bucket list: To travel and visit as many countries as possible.

Where you’ll find me next: The Philippines, hopefully this summer to help give back.