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Petite Portrait: Meet Janne (from

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Janne (5”) is the face behind the newly launched blog and Instagram, Through, Janne shares her love for fashion and proves that you do not have to break the bank to stay on trend. Janne is all about sharing her tips and tricks on being stylish on a budget and styling the latest trends while remaining true to your own style.

Janne loves being self-sufficient and manages to do the majority of her photography! Even though Janne has been blogging for two years, launching her own website will allow her to grow her own brand and expand the variety of subjects she touches on - alongside her usual fashion content, you’ll be able to catch travel tips and blogging 101. Stay tuned to see what she has in store and read below to learn more about Janne!

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Current location: San Francisco, CA

Birth sign: Capricorn

I started because: It was a creative outlet from my day job. I wanted a way to showcase my outfits that I thought were being “wasted” on my coworkers. From there, it grew into my little baby. I get to style myself on a daily basis, have my own mini photo shoots, and share this with my own community.

My 830-5 is: I work as a clerk for the Federal Courts.

My day-to-day usually looks like this: On a good day, I’ll wake up at 5:10-5:15 AM and make my way to the gym. I’ll work out until about 6:45 AM and then head back home to get ready for work. I’ll leave my house at around 7:50 AM and hop on BART to get to work downtown by 8:30 AM. During my lunch break, I’ll head out with my tripod and remote and find somewhere to take some photos for my Instagram post for the day. I get out of work at 5:00 PM and hop back on BART to get home and just relax for the night and usually watch something on Netflix. During the evening I also catch up on Instagram comments, messages, and any Jvnnestyle emails. I’ll usually get into bed by 9:30 and sleep by 10:30 PM (hopefully earlier!).

One of my goals this year: It was actually to start a blog! I launched it in January, so my newest goal is to be consistent with posting weekly on my blog. So far, so good.

Someone I look up to: In the content-creating/fashion/blogging world: Aimee Song. I feel like she is killing it right now releasing two books and just being so good at what she does. She’s definitely a pioneer in the fashion blogging world.

Three words that describe my personal style: Versatile, Edgy, and Dark

My weekend uniform: Ripped jeans, tee, leather jacket, booties

Outfit that makes me feel most confident: Any outfit with a leather jacket on top

My fashion tip for fellow petite ladies: When you cut your jeans, they should be right above your ankle bone. It’s the best length to work with both flat shoes and booties.

In addition to fashion, I express my creativity through: Doodling--I purposefully get calendars for work that are blank just so that I can doodle on them for the entire month.

My typical weekend: They usually consist of hanging out with my boyfriend or going to family parties, engagement parties, weddings, etc. I guess you just reach a certain age where all your weekends consist of some type of event.

Favorite thing about San Francisco: I definitely love how open San Francisco is; I don’t think I could have grown up anywhere but here and I’m glad I didn’t have to. San Francisco molded me into the open-minded and accepting person I am today.

One fun fact about me: I can lift about 2x my weight.

Where you’ll find me next: Probably at home watching The Office on Netflix--it’s become my latest binge series. Haha.

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