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Petite Portrait: Meet Christine Yun

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Christine Yun (5’4”) is the fashion and lifestyle blogger behind TREND·ENVY. This California native launched TREND·ENVY in 2010 with the mission to provide easy style tips on fashion trends. Christine found that the best way to inspire others to be confident and trendy was to show relatable content of herself wearing that trend. Her style is often described as chic, effortless, and trendy. She also sticks by her philosophy on shopping: cost-per-wear and owning clothes with the perfect fit.

Christine’s area of expertise is in petite fashion, resort wear, and transitional pieces that can take you from the office to socializing. Outside of blogging, Christine works full-time as a Senior eCommerce Manager at CreativeLive and loves traveling to warm destinations, like the desert. Let’s get to know this trendy, #PowerfullyPetite lady!

Hometown: Union City, CA

Current location: San Francisco, CA

Birth sign: Libra

I started blogging because: I’ve always enjoyed blogging since the early digital days. I even had an Xanga before (anybody remember those?) and fashion has always been a passion of mine. Fashion blogging seemed like the perfect fit and once I started in 2010, I quickly realized how much I enjoyed it and haven’t stopped since.

How I balance work and blogging: Since I work weekdays from 9-6pm, I shoot all my photos over the weekend and will usually shoot 2 outfits per weekend. I drip out all my content during the weekday.

My day-to-day usually looks this:

  • 7:45am: wake up
  • 8:45am: leave for work
  • 9-5:30pm: full-time job at CreativeLive
  • 6-7pm: work-out. I usually do cardio HIIT, hot yoga or barre.
  • 7-8pm: dinner
  • 8pm: post on Instagram
  • 8-9pm: write a blog post
  • 9-11pm: quality time with Josh (my husband)
  • 11:30pm: bedtime

One of my goals this year: To reach 10K followers, I’m soooo close!*

Someone I look up to: Aimee Song (@songofstyle). She’s been my favorite blogger since 2008 and it’s been amazing and inspiring seeing her growth throughout the past 10-years.

My weekday uniform: Skinny jeans, a trendy blouse or tee, gold accessories, and my Gucci mules.

Favorite transitional piece: A basic white tee. I own 7 and wear them all, all the time!

Outfit that makes me feel most confident: Anything that fits me very well. Dresses that fit me well paired with designer shoes make me feel unstoppable.

My fashion tip for fellow petite ladies: Buy cropped jeans since they’ll fit perfectly and shop at stores that carry 00 or petite, or brands that cater to petites (like S64!). I’ve found that clothes from Asos, Missguided, Reformation, Keepsake the Label fit me best since they offer petite sizes. Also, always take the time to get your clothes hemmed. You’ll wear it more frequently and feel more confident in it.  

Perfect weekend: A typical perfect weekend for me looks like this: Yoga or a morning run, lunch with a good friend, errands, photoshoot and dinner with Josh.

I also love traveling, so a weekend spent away is my ultimate favorite way to spend the weekend.

Favorite travel destination: Anywhere HOT with a beautiful landscape. My most recent favorite travel included traveling all around South America and Patagonia with Josh.  

 Where you’ll find me next: Watch my Instagram Story (@trendenvy) to find out! ;)

* Since we had our interview with Christine, she blew past this goal! Congrats!

If there’s a petite lady in your life who is doing inspiring work that makes a big difference, email us at so we can feature her! xo