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Petite Portrait: Meet Chi (from Petite Dressing)

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Chi (5’2”) is the founder of Petite Dressing NYC. Chi believes that petite fashion goes beyond finding the right size. It's hard for petite women to find clothing that fits, but it's even harder to find clothing that flatters. Oftentimes, brands cut the same styles for both regular and petite sized clothing. What many of those brands don’t that into account is that the same styles may not suit people of shorter stature. Petite Dressing is both an online boutique and a community/blog. Petite Dressing strives to provide clothing that is not only the right fit for petites, but also is the right style for petites. Petite Dressing's blog has over 150K monthly readers and has nurtured a vibrant community that connects petite fashionistas of all ages and shapes. 

Hometown: China

Current location: New York/New Jersey

Birth sign: Leo

Petite Dressing’s mission is to: help petite women build confidence in their style by truly knowing their own strengths/weaknesses and dressing accordingly 

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned through Petite Dressing is: listen to the customers, not the trend

One of the most challenging things about being your own boss is: multitasking and staying on top of a million things everyday

Before starting Petite Dressing I: worked in finance 

My day-to-day usually looks this: Get up at 6, drop my son off in school, start the logistics associated with last night’s orders (I write a thank you note for every customer). Mornings are my outreach time - I may need to contact my design partners, plan social media content with influencers, etc. Afternoons I focus on creative tasks such as writing petite dressing blog posts or working on the next campaign with our photographer.  Then, I pick my son up from school and spend most of the evening with him until he goes to bed. When he is asleep, I squeeze in some time for yoga before my own bedtime.

One of my goals this year: connect the community of petite influencers with petite customers

One of my role models is: Reese Witherspoon

Three words that describe my personal style: feminine, preppy & colorful

My weekend uniform: colorful silk top + shorts (summer) and off shoulder sweater + jeans (winter)

Outfit that makes me feel most confident: fitted dresses in bright colors

My fashion tip for fellow petite ladies: find a fashion icon that is petite & same body type as you - learn from her!

One misconception about petite fashion is that: petite size is just shorter version of regular size clothing

3 things I can’t live without: dark chocolate, carbs and yoga

Where you’ll find me next: on Youtube!