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Petite Portrait: Meet Annabelle

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Annabelle (5’2”) is an Off Broadway actor based in New York City. She discovered her love for performing at an early age - belting out “Tomorrow” in Annie when she was 11. Annabelle is the definition of a triple threat. Her ability to act, sing, and dance have given her the opportunity to take part in musicals, workshops, and plays throughout her career. In addition to performing in plays, she is in a folk duo with her husband (Fiddler & the Fox) and the woman behind a new blog called Actor Meets Coffee where she interviews NYC-based actors over coffee. Her mission in life is to bring joy to people through performance and a hot cup of coffee. Let’s get to know this #PowerfullyPetite gal!  

Hometown: Wilton, CT

Currently in: Inwood, Manhattan

Birth sign: Libra

My day to day is typically: A daily balancing act. As an actress, my schedule is constantly changing with auditions, callbacks, and film shoots coming in. In between all of this, I work as a Member Experience Associate At WeWork’s first wellness club, Rise By We. My biggest constant is a large cup of coffee in the morning and binge watching a new show with my husband at night.

My favorite thing about acting and my career in the performance world is: The process of developing a character. I recently played Wendla in “Spring Awakening” and many of my initial thoughts about her changed as the scenes evolved and dynamics shifted. I also love the many travel opportunities that come with different gigs! Actors often move to New York to perform in New York but end up working at regional theaters around the country because they audition in the big apple! My first big equity contract was a leading role at a wonderful theatre in Florida!

One of my goals this year is: To focus more on original works. It’s a dream of mine to be part of a show from the ground up and get the chance to originate a role.

I’m known for: My bubbly personality, devotion as a friend, eternal optimism, tenacity, and love of puppies, coffee + wine, and vintage dresses. Ironically, I’ve accumulated several that were hand-made by my husband’s grandmother!

Someone I look up to: Kristin Chenoweth. She has defied odds as a petite actress. She has always remained true to herself throughout her rise to fame. She is funny and smart and brilliantly talented. If my career mirrors hers just a little, I would be thrilled!

Three words to describe my personal style: Flowy, floral, flirty.

Outfits that makes me feel most confident: My favorite outfit would be anything paired with my high waist overalls. I LIVE in them! I wear them out and I wear them for tons of auditions! My favorite dresses are from Loveshackfancy! Each dress is elegant, bohemian, and light. I’ve worn them for concerts, galas, and music video shoots!

Fashion tip for my fellow petite ladies: High waist jeans are everything and longer dresses make you look taller! Platform sneakers are a must and scrunchies are CUTE.

Weekend uniform: Overalls, a comfy tee, and chunky sandals. In the evening, I swap out the tee for a puffed sleeve blouse and the sandals for little booties.

My typical weekend consists of: Wine night with friends on Friday, coffee and the farmers market Saturday with my husband plus work or rehearsal or brunch on Saturday, and Sundays are either a day of rest or hopping into CT to hang with my family!

I love NYC because: Everything is at your fingertips. As an aspiring actress, it’s such an advantage to be close to so many big auditions and super fun to be able to see new productions on Broadway! It’s the city that never sleeps so everybody’s motivation and hustle rubs off on you. For me, it’s been the nudge to go do and create! It’s also the restaurant capital of the world so whenever I decide to really go in on a good meal... I’m never disappointed! I recently had the most amazing Cacio e Pepe at Aria in Hell’s Kitchen!

Where you’ll find me next: Performing as Savannah in “Freaky Friday” - a musical at North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, Massachusetts! I’m so excited to hit the beach and the stage in style! Follow me at @annabellefoxtieman to keep up with my adventures!

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