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Petite Portrait: Meet Akansha (CEO of Citrus & Gold)

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Akansha (5’1”) is the CEO and head brand & marketing strategist of Citrus & Gold. Citrus & Gold is a boutique agency that helps personality-driven businesses create powerfully engaging content to captivate and convert their audience into loyal customers. Akansha is passionate about helping women to achieve success on their own terms while being true to who they are.

Before Citrus & Gold, Akansha worked as a marketing analytics professional at LinkedIn for 4+ years. She left LinkedIn without a concrete plan (though she did publish an Indian cookbook with her mom right after!) and is now so grateful to be building a business that lights her up.

Akansha has lived in the Bay Area practically her whole life. She grew up in Cupertino, went to school in Berkeley and now lives in sunny San Francisco (okay that sunny part was a joke…). When she’s not helping her clients share their stories, she’s either reading, working out, or annoying her husband with questions about purpose, success, and the meaning of life.

You can hang out with her on Instagram @citrusandgold or on her website Let's get to know this #PowerfullyPetite lady!

Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Current location: San Francisco, CA

Birth sign:  Scorpio!

Citrus & Gold’s mission is to: help female founders share their stories to captivate and convert their audience into loyal customers.

I love working with companies/founders that: empower other women to succeed. My clients include coaches, actors, agencies, and other service providers.

Before Citrus & Gold I was: working as a sales & marketing analyst at LinkedIn

An ideal day looks something like this: Roll out of bed by 6:15 AM to make it just in time for a 7 AM workout at Project 13 Gyms. I come back home to make breakfast (usually a smoothie or overnight oats), meditate for 10 minutes with Headspace and then take my time to get ready for the day - I don’t like to rush my mornings!

Then around 9:30-10 AM I start my official workday. I time block my weeks so that some days are more business development, content creation for the business while the other days are focused on client calls/client work.

I may start my workday at home or heading downtown to my coworking space - The Wing. As an entrepreneur, I really thrive on other people’s energy so being alone all day can be a real drain (even though I do identify as an introvert).

By 6/6:30 PM I’m texting my husband to see if he’s thinking about heading home so we can take the bus home together (a random part of my day I really enjoy :D).

At home, I make dinner (or eat leftovers), wrap up some unfinished work and wind down watching The Daily Show. I like to end the day with 10 minutes of journaling and night-time reading.

That’s pretty much a normal day for you! But let’s be honest, no two days are the exact same.

One of my goals this year: Be more self-compassionate.

Someone I look up to: Ah! So many people for so many different reasons. Maxie McCoy for creating a business that’s all about female empowerment. Melanie Chandra for taking a stand for South Asians in the creative industry. My mom for being my voice of reason.

Three words that describe my personal style: Classy, Relaxed, Fun!

My weekday uniform: Dark FRAME jeans, blouse from Anthropologie, Stan Smiths, and a utility jacket from Aritzia

Outfit that makes me feel most confident: High-waisted jean cut off shorts with loose-fitting crop-top! I just feel so young, free, and fit.

My fashion tip for fellow petite ladies: There are no styles that aren’t “right” for petite women. And it’s okay to see a seamstress when needed. 

My typical weekend: Workout at Project13 and then grabbing coffee or brunch with a few friends. Working on some content for the business, going to the farmer’s market, seeing my family in the Southbay. Making sure to get some sun whenever possible!

My dream trip: Renting a villa for a week in a tropical place like Hawaii, Tulum or Bali

One fun fact about me: I recently rediscovered how much I love playing Rockband. I’m a sucker for the drums. 

Where you’ll find me next: Probably at Alta Plaza Park or The Wing SF :D. Or honestly at the airport...I have a lot of travel coming up in the next few months...eek!

If there’s a petite lady in your life who is doing inspiring work that makes a big difference, email us at so we can feature her! xo