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Breaking Petite "Fashion Rules"

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There’s this idea that petite women shouldn’t or can’t wear certain styles. The naysayers spout all sorts of rules telling us we can't wear wide leg pants, culottes, horizontal stripes, prints, midi skirts, or oversized anything -- we're on a mission to prove them wrong. After all, rules were meant to be broken, right (or at least revised)? If styled correctly and worn with confidence, petites can pull off anything they want.

The wide leg pant silhouette is typically hard for petite women to find. High waist cuts and stripes do wonders for the petite frame. Show off your waist by tucking your shirt in.

Horizontal stripes tend to widen any body type. Try thin stripes for a less drastic look. However, if you’re set on rocking those classic horizontal stripes, try to find pieces that mix horizontal and vertical stripes.

Large prints can look a little overwhelming, regardless of your height. As with everything, it’s all about balance. If you’re wearing a bold print bottom, try pairing it with a solid color blazer or top. Petites can still play with prints!

Midi is definitely something petites shouldn’t have to deprive themselves of. Certain midi styles look better than others, depending on your petite body shape. With your ankles exposed, try pairing your midi skirt with ankle booties or class it up with some delicate, strappy heels.  

Most people assume oversized clothing will swallow a petite. Don’t get us wrong - most of the does. But, then we look at petite women like the Olsen twins and Nicole Richie and realize that if they can pull it off, so can we. Again, balance is key - if you have an oversized top, try it with a more tailored bottom (or try a fitted top with a wider pant). You can also use belts to cinch baggy clothes where there’s extra fabric and add a little dimension to your outfit.

Petites shouldn’t have to limit themselves on what they wear just because some people decided to make these “rules.” Not to mention, we’re all different and deserve to express ourselves whichever way we want. Live a little, break the “rules”, and have fun.