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Boosting your #PowerfullyPetite Confidence

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As #PowerfullyPetite women, we embody confidence and empowerment. However, as expected, we don’t feel confident and powerful all the time. Self-confidence doesn’t come so easily sometimes and we need a few tips and reminders to either help us build up our self-confidence again or grow it. We’ve compiled our favorite tips below. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Envision the person you want to be and do what you can to be that person. Whether that’s by taking on a hobby or going back to school, don’t hold yourself back from becoming who you want to be.
  2. Wear clothes that make you feel your best! While there is more to you than your appearance, it helps to look the part and dress for success.
  3. Set realistic goals for yourself. When we’re ambitious (which is a good thing!) and goal-oriented, it’s possible to set unrealistic goals at times -- ground yourself with attainable checkpoints before shooting for the stars.
  4. Take care of yourself by eating healthily and exercising. When you nurture your body you also nurture your mind and reap benefits that go beyond the physical.
  5. Find a creative outlet that distracts you from all the pressing things in your life. Try a painting class, pour your thoughts into a blog, or even bake! Creativity helps you express yourself and escape stress.
  6. Get started on that to-do list. Instead of just thinking about what you should do, start crossing tasks off that list (even the most trivial ones). You’ll get yourself in the headspace to actually start doing.
  7. Help another person! Sometimes all it takes to boost your self esteem is to help someone else. You could gain some perspective and be grateful for what you already have.
  8. Most importantly, consider everyone around you your equal. Once you realize that no person is superior to you, you’ll be able to get rid of social inhibitions.

If these tips helped you feel #PowerfullyPetite, post a photo that captures your confidence and tag #PowerfullyPetite and @s64petite!