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Best Clothes For Your Petite Body Type

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First, let’s do away with the misconception that petite means short and slim. Petite women (under 5’4”) come in all shapes and sizes. These petite styling tips take your petite height and body shape into consideration. 

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If you’re petite and you have a PEAR body shape…

You may have narrow shoulders, a defined waist, and curvy hips. Try looks that balance your figure and accentuate your upper body. The off-the-shoulder trend is a great one for you to try. Styles with structured shoulders would also be flattering. A-line dresses and boot cut denim are also home runs for you.

If you’re petite and you have an HOURGLASS body shape…

You may have a defined waist with proportioned shoulders and hips. Try looks that emphasize your curves and cinch at the waist. V-necks and pencil skirts are your jam. Don’t be afraid to try the flare trend either – it’s back (our Gloria culottes would look amazing on you).

If you’re petite and you have an APPLE body shape…

Your arms and legs may be longer and thinner than other body shapes. Try looks that highlight your shoulders and legs. Empire line tops and dresses, bold patterns, and tailored blazers make you look like a billion bucks. Don’t forget to flaunt those legs with shorter hemlines or skinny styles (like our Maya pants!).

If you’re petite and you have a RECTANGLE body shape…

 Your hips and shoulders are probably proportional. You may also have a smaller bust and generally slim frame. Try looks that highlight your waist. Create curves in order to show off your hips and shoulders. From cropped jackets to high-waisted, wide-legged trousers (hint hint: Sonia pants), to skinny jeans. Also try dresses and tops with a cinched in or belted waist.

But the most important petite stylish tip is…be confident and be #PowerfullyPetite.