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5 basics to start your work wardrobe

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Whether you have recently been promoted or just graduated college and on the job hunt, having workwear essentials in your closet will help you look your best in the office. Well-fitting and well-made basics will not only boost your confidence but help you put your best foot forward. Growing your workwear collection can seem daunting and expensive, but with a few key pieces you’ll be able to mix and match to create a variety of looks! Let us know your favorite workwear basics in the comments.

1. White button down: A white button down is always a classic and can be paired with a variety of outfits in order to create completely different looks. This top is super versatile and will instantly make any outfit look more professional. Check this one out

2. Blazer: Everyone should have a blazer in their closet. A blazer is a great investment piece to add to your wardrobe because it can effortlessly be dressed up or down. Pair with jeans for a casual work day or a pencil skirt for an important meeting. We found this one for you.

3. Trousers: A pair of trousers that are tailored to fit your body are essential to any work wardrobe. One tip is to find a pair that fit your body well and buy the same pair in a few colors. By figuring out what style looks best on your body and having it in a few variations, you will be able to create a ton of looks with the same key ingredient. The Gloria Pant brings a trendy culotte style into the office while still keeping your look polished. The Maya Pant is the perfect cropped pant for feeling comfortable and can be dressed up or down. The Sonia Pant will have you feeling effortlessly chic and elevate your look.  

4. Pencil skirt: A stylish pencil skirt is a great addition to your workwear collection. Pencil skirts can easily elevate any look and can be paired with button downs, camis, blouses, you name it! A knee-length pencil skirt will create a polished look, for days where you want to dress up a little. This one is versatile and had great reviews.

5. Professional heels: It’s important to make sure that your heels aren’t too high or inappropriate for the workplace. Choosing a shorter heel with a pointy toe can help make your look clean and professional. A little additional height can also be a confidence booster! These are reasonably priced and the perfect height.

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